Around Kobe – Ikuta Road area, Sannomiya

There’s no better place in Kobe to make bad decisions at 2am….

About 10 minutes walk from Lexis Japan, the Ikuta Road area of Sannomiya [三宮] is Kobe’s main entertainment district.  Sannomiya acts as the main hub transport hub in Kobe, with JR West, the Hankyu Railway, the Hanshin Railway, the Kobe Municipal Subway and Kobe New Transit all converging at Sannomiya Station.   In Japan, this much transit invariably leads to a huge entertainment district, and Sannomiya is no exception!

To find your way to the bar area, just leave the North side of the station and start walking.  Pretty much everything within a 20 minute radius is what you’re looking for…A seemingly endless warren of bars, restaurants, cafes and dens of ill-repute, Sannomiya is home to some very, very big nights out!

There’s a bit more to Sannomiya than meets the eye, though.  It’s also home to some amazing restaurants.  Our favourite is Kanayama [かねやま], an amazing hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant.  At Kanayama you can experience Michelin Star dining for less than ¥5000.

Really though, the North side of Sannomiya station is all about having a big night out.  Let us know your favourite haunts so we can share with the rest of our students!

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