Meet the neighbours – Daimaru Food Hall

There’s never a shortage of lunch options in Japan, but our next door neighbour is one of the best!


Daimaru is a large group of Department Stores with city centre locations throughout Japan.  They are generally quite expensive, and sell mostly ‘brand’ goods.  Keep them in mind if you’re in the market for cosmetics – the range is very good, and the pricing competitive.

On a day to day basis, though, the best feature of Daimaru is the basement level Food Hall.  Whether you’re in the market for a ¥20,000 square watermelon or a ¥500 bento lunchbox, you can find just about anything that you want there.  For many students, Daimaru is their daily stop for lunch, and you can see why!  The quality and presentation of the food is absolutely out of this world.

Daimaru offer free WiFi while you’re in the shop, so if you can’t wait to update your Facebook page, that’s all taken care of, too.

Our recommendation for the best bento is the ¥734 ‘Eashion’ box.  Enough to keep you going for the rest of the day, and absolutely delicious!


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