Meet the neighbours – Coffee!

Whether your tastes are for a Venti Drip of a Caramel & Pudding Frappuccino, you never need go more than a couple of steps to indulge!


The Motomachi area is Kobe’s coffee capital – so really, take your pick.  Starbucks is a favourite because of the super-fast free Wifi (and that Caramel & Pudding Frappuccino, of course!), and there are two branches within 50 meters of your classroom, but within a block of Lexis Japan there is also an Excelsior and a Doutor.


Better yet, there are absolutely countless small cafes in the area.   Explore the area of small alleyways off to the right hand side of the shopping mall as you head back towards Sannomiya Station – there are some absolute gems to be found.   If you find your favourite, let us know!

Budget on about ¥250~ yen for your coffee – but really, you’re renting a table to sit and watch the Motomachi crowds go past!

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