Check out Chinatown for a cheap lunch!

Kobe is home to one of Japan’s oldest and best known Chinatowns.

Lexis Japan - Kobe - Chinatown Food Sign

Located immediately across the road from Lexis Japan, Kobe Chinatown fills a main street and a seemingly endless number of alleyways and lanes.  Often packed with tourists, Chinatown offers a fantastic selection of restaurants and food carts, providing a range of meals ranging from an budget-busting night out to a very cheap snack at lunchtime.  Food in Kobe’s Chinatown varies from the absolutely authentic to a very Japanized take on traditional Chinese cooking.

Lexis Japan - Food - Chinatown foodstall

Make sure you try out one of the little ‘pop up’ shops, normally selling super-cheap ramen noodles (you can pay as little at ¥200) and dumplings.  Some of these are pretty awful; others will absolutely blow your mind!  Make sure you let us know when you find a winner…they come and then go so quickly it’s impossible to keep up.

Lexis Japan - Food - Chinatown Fruit Snacks

Hint – follow the school girls!  The latest Chinatown ‘hotspot’ appears regularly in local media, and is instantly swarmed over by the young and cool.  You can find some absolute treasures by standing at the end of the longest line you can find.


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