Meet the Neighbours – Animate Cafe

If you know your Anime, you’re going to love the Animate Cafe

The Animate Cafe is about 5 minutes walk to Lexis Japan, and is a great Kobe base for the most dedicated of Anime fans.  If you’re already into the Anime scene, you’ll most likely know Animate for their book and Anime goods shops, but in Kobe they also run a very geeky/cool cafe.

It’s probably unfair calling this a ‘cafe’, though –  it’s much more than that.  Each month, Animate run a theme, and the cafe becomes a space for collaboration and conversation between fans.  Not that anyone seems to sit down for long, as the walls are covered in Anime memorabilia, and the attached shop is enough to warm the heart of even the most discerning fan.

You may not realise just how seriously the Anime subculture is treated in Japan until you visit a place like this.  Even the table selection (each table features a different Anime character or scene) is taken very seriously – all the way down to the waitress taking a commemorative photo of you and your table choice!







Food and drinks are good without being remarkable, and prices are very reasonable.  Work on about ¥500 for some pretty original drink options, and about the same to about ¥900 for basic food items (not that there’s anything terribly basic about this place!).  Most of the menu items come with little giveaways, such as take-home themed drinks coasters.

Access from Lexis Japan is simple – just walk up towards the JR line, and Animate is about halfway between Sannomiya and Motomachi Stations, on the 3rd floor of the Centre Plaza Building.

You can see the Animate Kobe Cafe website at

劇場版 薄桜鬼×animatecafe


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