About Japan – How to use a Japanese toilet and not get 3rd degree burns

It’s the talk we need to have


Toilets are something we take seriously in Japan. This is not a country that tolerates a cold backside, but toasty gluteals come at a potentially terrible cost.  Here’s a quick guide to how to use the toilets at Lexis Japan and not receive an alarming surprise.

Lexis Japan - School - Toilet controls

Thankfully, we have fairly simple toilets at Lexis.

Starting at the top, we have the red ‘Stop‘ button.  This is pretty self explanatory, and works even in a blind panic whilst water is spraying all over the room.

The light blue button ‘Oshiri‘ sends a jet of water rocketing skywards.  Please ensure that you are seated at the time!  The Pink button ‘Bidet‘ sends a slightly differently directed blast, for use of women only.

The dial controls water pressure.  Set if for high pressure entirely at your own risk.

The two buttons at the bottom of the screen adjust seat temperature and water temperature.  These are worth experimenting with to find your ideal operating conditions.

Just to keep the challenge alive, I’ll leave it up to you to work out how to flush!!

There you have the basics on how to visit the toilets at Lexis Japan, be snug, warm and comfortable and not have to go back to class with dripping wet clothes to make awkward explanations.

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