Kobe Student Accommodation – DK House

Located about 15 minutes away from Lexis Japan, DK House is a great option for your stay in Kobe.

Lexis Japan - Accommodation - DK House Outside

Finding affordable, high quality accommodation can be a challenge in Japan, which makes DK House a very attractive option for students in Kobe.

DK House is located about 5 minute’s walk from Shinzaike Station, in an area which is a suburban shopping and transport hub.  There are wide selection of shops around the station area, including a large supermarket, and there is an outlet mall about 2 minutes walk away (which, even better, has a branch of the Sushiro chain….so cheap and yummy dinners are taken care of!).  The seriously underrated Rokko Station area is about 5 minutes walk back past Shinzaike, meaning that there are absolutely endless shopping/dining/entertainment options in the immediate area.  Rokko has all the usual chain izakaya and bars, but also some great (and quirky) little start ups that can make for a great night out, or a quiet drink on the way home from school

Lexis Japan - Accommodation - DK House - Southern Mall

Built along the lines of a university dormitory, DK House has around 100 private rooms, shared bathroom facilities and a huge dining room / kitchen.

The entire facility is clean and well presented, and there are some nice touches – plenty of breakout space (work rooms, a cinema room and ‘chat spaces’), free electric bike hire and plenty of weekend activities.  Dining and kitchen facilities are well separated from the bedroom wing, so it’s possible to enjoy a late night drink or two with other residents without disturbing anyone.  The entire building is solidly constructed and well sound-proofed.

Lexis Japan - Accommodation - DK House - Kitchen

Bathroom facilities are modern and clean, but are all shared.  Men have access to a large Japanese style bath, while women are limited to shower rooms.  There are plenty of bathrooms available, though, so it would be rare to have to wait.

Rooms are clean but small, consisting of a bed, desk, air-conditioning, a basin and fridge.  Internet is available throughout the facility.

Lexis Japan - Accommodation - DK House - A Room

Overall, this is a well-run operation that is very suitable to the needs of foreign students.  The management is keen to help and clearly know their jobs.  Where often student accommodation can be quite low standard in Japan, this is absolutely not the case at DK and we feel that it’s a really good option for Lexis students in Kobe.

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