Low cost airlines from Kansai

The Japan aviation market is going through some big changes


It wasn’t long ago that travelling from Japan meant you were going to be flying on ANA or JAL. In recent times, though, there have been a huge number of low cost carriers entering the aviation market, and there are now very, very cheap fares available.

Many students to Japan take the opportunity to do a little extra travel in Asia, with Taiwan and Korea the two most popular options.   They can also be great choices for a quick ‘visa run’ where students may want to extend a tourist visa.

Airlines such as Peach, Jin Air, Jeju Air, Jetstar, Sprin, Cebu Pacific and Eastar whisk passengers around the region at what are sometimes ridiculously low fares.  Particularly if you can be flexible on dates, you can find a basic ticket to destinations such as Seoul or Taipei for as little as ¥2000 (around $20).

There are always compromises with these airlines (witness Peach Air staff demanding that people repack their bag for being 500gms over the weight limit!), but for a genuinely cheap way of exploring North Asia, it’s very hard to do better.

Check with Rika at front desk if you’d like some advise on flight options from Kansai!

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