Kobe Tips – Junichi

Junichi works in the Lexis Japan marketing team.  Here are his ‘Kobe Tips’

Lexis Japan - Junichi

At 9am on a Saturday morning, you’ll fine me:
At Kobe Harborland Futsal Stadium playing indoor soccer for fun.
The Harborlnad area is full of great things to do…it’s really worth the visit!

Kobe’s best ‘cheap eats’ restaurant is:
It’s not only in Kobe, but there are lots of cheap Gyu-don shops such as Yoshino-ya, Suki-ya and Matsu-ya. They serve Gyu-don for about ¥300. It’s very cheap, but yummy too!

My ideal day trip from Kobe is:
Visiting Kyoto! It takes only for an hour from Kobe, and there are heaps of temples and shrines. Fushimi Inari which is famous for its 1000 torii is my favorite. It’s so mysterious!

When you’re in Kobe, don’t miss:
Eat delicious local food such as Kobe beef, Soba-meshi and Akashi-yaki.

I’ll bet you didn’t know…:
Japanese people believe that Kobe is the most fashionable city in the country. It’s a really cool city!

Kobe’s best kept secret is:

Hiking in the mountains above the city. In just minutes, you can be in the most beautiful bamboo forests!

My Japanese learning tip is:
Make lots of local Japanese friends, and practice it with them!

One Kanji that describes me:

When you’re in Kobe, ask me about:
International event and sports event.

A kotowaza to live by:

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