Rika’s Kobe Tips

Rika is our local Kobe expert, though it seems she’s more likely to guide you to the nearest candy shop….

Lexis Japan - Staff - Front Desk

Name  Rika Yamamoto

Position Student Services

At 9am on a Saturday morning, you’ll fine me… Asleep!

Kobe’s best ‘cheap eats’ restaurant is Not technically a restaurant, but I recommend the café “GREEN HOUSE Silva”!  It’s a lovely little café surrounded by greenery.

My ideal day trip from Kobe is: Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka

When you’re in Kobe, don’t miss Bread and cakes! There are so many fantastic bakeries and cake shops selling a wide variety of bread and cakes!

I’ll bet you didn’t know… I’m incredibly fond of sweets!!!

Kobe’s best kept secret is The Observation Deck at Kobe City Hall – You can enjoy the great view of the city of Kobe both mountain-side and ocean-side from the 24th floor for free!

My Japanese learning tip is To make friends with a native speaker (and we can help you with that!).

One Kanji that describes me is

When you’re in Kobe, ask me about Sweets!

If I was down to my last ¥1000, I’d spend it… All on sweets!

A kotowaza to live by is 笑う門には福来たる

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