Kobe Luminarie is in full swing

Wondering what those mind-blowing lines of people snaking their way around Motomachi are all about?


It’s Kobe Luminarie [神戸ルミナリエ] time!  During the day, this means that Motomachi looks like it’s anticipating riots, with barricades and security guards roaming the streets.  Not to worry, though – it’s all about managing the crowds that flock to the area each night to check out the light show.

At night time, the area comes alive with a stunning light show.  It’s really worth seeing… and an estimated 4 million people each year feel the same way, with huge numbers of tourists and locals coming to the area for the show.


You’ll have no trouble in finding where to go as the lights are set up in the area immediately around the school.  You’ll need a warm jacket for what can be a long wait.  The good news is that you pass a few convenience stores while you’re lined up, so can sneak in for a warming nikuman or two.  I notice that the conbini beer fridges seem to be emptying a little faster than usual, too.


Our Italian students will be interested to know that there is a strong connection between your country and the Luminarie – the first lights for the display were donated by the Italian government, and Italian designers are involved in putting the show together each year.

If you want to take your Japanese for a spin, you can read more here – www.kobe-luminarie.jp/

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