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Kiyo is Lexis Japan’s Group Programs Director, and a long term Kobe resident.  Kiyo has decided to offer ‘Kobe advice…. for girls only’!

Lexis Japan - Staff - Kiyo
Getting your nails done
My favourite nail salon is “Pandora”. I love their designs!  This is my favourite salon out of the thousands in Kobe.

Getting your hair done
My favourite hair salon is “Beautrium”. Just 3 minutes walk from Lexis Kobe Campus.

And shopping…
There are SO many options!  The Sanda Premium Outlets is the best outlet mall I have ever been to.  The selection of brands is absolutely amazing, and the prices are great.

Daimaru, Barneys New York, Sogo, OIOI, Sannomiya Center Palza, OPA, Mint Kobe, are great big department stores all walking distance from campus.  You should stroll around alleyways, where you will find cool small shops, Zara, Uni-Quo etc!

Bargain Hunting
Check out magazines like ‘Hot Pepper Gourmet’ and ‘beauty’ either online or in booklet form at train stations – they have great discount coupons that can save you a fortune!  You’ll need a little Japanese to understand what they are, so ask Rika to help you out if you need it.

And a few shops to set up in Kobe…
Just a few more store list for start living in Japan : Donki, Daiso (like a dollar shop), Daiei, Tokyu- Hands, and Loft can be more expensive but you will find stuff you need for everyday living.  All walking distance from Lexis.

Kobe is a great city to live in if you like the finer things in life!  Ask Rika or I if you need any pointers!

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