Zoe and Aimee in Japan

Zoe and Aimee in Kobe!

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Wow! I’ve been incredibly lucky to visit Japan!

I’ve been here for three days now, and it’s been amazing!  I’m currently in Kobe, which is near Osaka, Japan’s second biggest city.

This is where the Lexis Japan school is located, and it’s really beautiful!  You can study both Japanese and English here.  The class rooms are really nice.  They are large and have big windows that let in a lot of light.  There are views to the famous Kobe wheel and tower, which light up with lots of different colours at night.  I really love the school’s interior design, especially the rice paper details on the glass walls.  It looks really smart and traditional.

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This area of the city where Lexis is situated is really stylish, with lots of boutique stores and an amazing department store.  If you walk around the city, you can find a lot of traditional shops, great places to eat and drink, and also traditional temples.

I’m so impressed by this beautiful city!

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