Spilling the Beans on Kobe Coffee

When setting up in a new city, there are always those initial important questions…

Where is the closest bank?

How do I post a letter?

Is there a supermarket close by?

When our Italian students Francesca and Claudia arrived, their first question was:

Where can we find good coffee?!

It didn’t take long for the girls to solve this problem and they have agreed to share their favourite coffee shop with us. Introducing Café de Crie!

 Cafe de Crie  Francesca


Although we were a little surprised at their ‘coffee’ choices (Sakura latte and maple almond latte), Café de Crie offered up great coffee done the sweet and milky Japanese way!

 Sakura Latte Maple Almond Latte

There are two Café de Crie locations near Lexis Japan for the coffee addicts among us:

Swing by Motomachi Shopping Street on your way to school for that morning pick-me-up and cruise into the Sannomiya store for a casual coffee with your afternoon shopping.

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