Meet our campus manager, Mio!


Mio Nakata - photo

名前:中田 未央

Name: Mio Nakata
Birth Place: Kobe
Hobbies: Finding great restaurants and cafes
Favorite place in Japan: Nagano (Try the traditional Japanese soba noodle!)
Japanese food that I recommend: There are various kinds of seaweed here! Wakame, Nori and Konbu are now popular overseas, but try “Mekabu” and “Mozuku”. Healthy and yummy!
Favorite place to visit: Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Takes only 20 mins by train from Motomachi where Lexis Japan is located! The longest suspension bridge in the world!)
Favorite Kanji: 海 which means ocean
Favorite color: Blue
Message: I’ve worked as a student support officer/education consultant for international students for many years. Please feel free to grab me anytime if you have questions or concerns!

Let’s study Japanese together! :))))

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