The battle of the family restaurants!

ガスト サイゼリアPerhaps after first arriving in Kobe, it’s a bit overwhelming with the number of restaurants and cafes to choose from, especially around the Motomachi area. But behold… the family restaurant!

There are two main chains, Saizeriya and Gusto, both competing for your affections. They are both family restaurants, diner style, which serve a wide choice of Japanese and Western style food at some of the cheapest prices that you can find. A main meal, unlimited drinks bar and dessert, all for around ¥1000. Both also offer a lunch menu for ¥500, which is nice. Open until late, or even 24hours for some of the larger locations, Motomachi has a couple of Saizerias and a Gastos all within just a few minutes walk from the school.

Which one would I recommend? I’ve not often been asked such a tough question. I’d have to suggest giving both a go and just seeing which one feels right for you. Personally I like to mix it up between the two anyway. If pushed, I’d have to say that Gusto has a slightly superior drinks bar selection, including such delights as vanilla latte and hot chocolate. But at a slightly higher cost, is it worth it? That’s a question you’ll just have to answer yourselves!

Satisfied person 1: “Have you ever been to Saizeria?” Satisfied person 2: “Yeah, I go there all the time.” Satisfied person 1: “Ha, me too. I love it there.” Satisfied person 2: “We all do my friend, we all do…” You too could be part of a conversation just like this. Good luck, and I’m envious that you will be able to experience these places for the first time, something that happens only once in a lifetime… so make the most of it!

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