Lexis teachers are also students! 日本語の先生が生徒になりました!

Lexis’ Japanese teachers have started joined an English class in the afternoon! レクシスジャパンの日本語の先生が、午後の英語授業に参加しています! DSCN1305

(Japanese teachers taking the placement test)

As part of Lexis’ professional development program, Japanese language teachers at Lexis learn English in the afternoons. “This is a great way for me not only to keep my language skills sharp, but also to learn a different approach to language teaching, to share and to compare with my English teaching colleagues” said Morizane-sensei.

Japanese teachers taking the placement test

“These lessons are taught purely in English. Therefore I was able to learn additional instructional language in between activities!” said Isomi-sensei.


“It’s important to put yourself on the other side of the classroom from time to time, and experience lessons as a student again.  I hope it makes me more sensitive to my own student’s needs.  Also, it’s fun!” said Kazue-sensei.

DSCN1324 DSCN1316

Lexis English Japan offers a wide range of programs for students of all levels.  If you’d like to join a class, contact Mio on 078-331-0978 for level check and trial lesson. レクシスジャパンでは様々なレベルの生徒様に対応したコースを設けています。無料レベルチェック&体験レッスンのご予約は078-331-0978中田までお気軽にお問合せくださいませ。

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