Jazzin’ up your apartment for under ¥1000

Thanks to Daiso (¥100 store) and the Combini (convenience store)
your room doesn’t have to be boring!

Not matter how long your stay in Kobe, make your home your own!

¥432 Plants

Put some life into your room by bringing the outside in! These tiny plants from Daiso are perfect for your bathroom and the best part is they don’t need much attention (trust me). Easy!

  644452_1563156890627268_7635965845531622355_n 11013080_1558619124414378_6836649285174862966_n   1503927_1558619137747710_285616434748898116_n

¥336 String, pegs and photos

Personal photos of family and friends make a room a home! Venture to Daiso for your DIY photo clothesline, followed by the combini to print your favourite snaps.

An A4 page of four photos costs around ¥120.

10647120_1558618604414430_442690747204204889_n 10308889_1558618514414439_2270197830053300068_n 11063939_1558619151081042_600195151764730422_n 11062118_1558618854414405_4278749154339539801_n

11053625_1558619467747677_6755587617092040645_n 11084285_1558618591081098_6058790341328947043_n

¥108 Magnetic whiteboard

Grocery lists, cartoons, inspirational quotes, messages to your housemates… Do like Chandler and Joey in Friends and invest in a whiteboard.

 1911829_1558618844414406_714101745382003625_n 11070742_1558619171081040_2636016546094403761_n

¥108 Toothbrush Holder

I’ll admit this is probably unnecessary, but hey, it’s Hello Kitty! The perfect person to greet you every morning and night, and a great space saver!

1508551_1558619161081041_7205771177525028035_n 1512315_1563156947293929_2773053966853904845_n


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