INAC Kobe Leonessa Lessons begin! INAC神戸レオネッサでの英語レッスン開始!

On Friday 10/4/2015, Lexis Japan had their first day at INAC Kobe Leonessa Football Club.


INAC Kobe Leonessa is one of ten teams in the Plenus Nadeshiko League Division One. In 2010, INAC Kobe Leonessa won the All Japan Women’s Football Championship, in 2011 they won the double Nadeshiko League and All Japan Women’s Football Championship. After that, INAC Kobe Leonessa won the league for 3 years in a row and won the All-Japan Women’s Football Tournament 4 years in a row

2015年4月10日金曜日、レクシスジャパンはINAC神戸レオネッサの選手を対象に英語コースをスタートしました!INAC神戸レオネッサは、2015プレナスなでしこリーグ1部で戦う10 チームの1つです。2010年全日本選手権にて初タイトルを獲得し、2011年に念願のリーグ優勝を果たし、その後、リーグ3連覇、全日本選手権4連覇を果しました。

Every week Lexis Japan will be providing English lessons to the INAC players at their training ground on Rokko Island in Kobe. In addition, some players will also be coming into our Lexis school to attend extra lessons through our General English course.



We began with a getting to know you day where both of the Lexis teachers that will be providing the lessons went to meet the players and staff at INAC Kobe. The teachers and the course were introduced and then we had time to play a few introduction games, testing both the player English and their dancing skills. The first day was really enjoyable, with the players showing just as much enthusiasm and teamwork that makes them such a formidable opponent on the pitch. Everyone is looking forward the English course getting under way this Friday.


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