Sakagura Activity!

Did you know that Kobe is famous for sake?

Kobe’s Nada district is famous as one of Japan’s top sake producing areas and it’s only 10 minutes by train from Motomachi where our school is. There are about 10 sakaguras within walking distance of each other. We visited Hamafukutsuru, which has one of the greatest tasting options!


You can look around and learn how to make sake both in Japanese and English. Everyone was very curious about the process of making sake.

IMG_0282 IMG_0279 IMG_0284 IMG_0277

The tasting time they were looking forward to!!!




They tried more than 5 different kinds of sake! Some students had sake-flavor soft serve and soy sauce-flavor soft serve!

IMG_0296 IMG_0301

IMG_0302 IMG_0305

You should visit another sakaguras when you have time and make sure you try as much sake as possible!

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