Affordable Kobe Beef Lunch! お手軽神戸牛ランチ!

Do you like Wagyu beef? Have you ever thought that you want to eat Kobe Beef once in your life?


Affordable Wagyu/Kobe Beef lunch place called “Kobe Beef Motomachi Luncher” is literally 2 minutes from Lexis Japan!!

レクシスジャパンから徒歩2分のこの、Kobe Beef Motomachi Luncherというお店!気軽においしい和牛弁当が食べられます!

Lexis Japan Kobe beef lunch 4 Lexis Japan Kobe beef lunch 3

Starting from only 380yen for the Wagyu beef in the Pita Bread!  The most expensive Bento box is only 1500yen!  All come with yummy miso soup!


Lexis Japan Kobe beef lunch 2 Lexis Japan Kobe beef lunch 5

This is our English teacher Cara’s favorite lunch shop and she wanted to keep it secret! But too late! It’s on Blog now:)


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