Dear diary… 親愛なる日記さま

Introducing the Student Diary! 生徒用の日記の紹介です!

Created entirely by students of Lexis Japan, this little book contains the names and wisdom of past and present students in the ever-growing Lexis Japan family.



The pages are full of stories, experiences, useful language, drawings and recommendations for living and studying in Kobe. Contribute to the experience of future students by jotting something down before you go.



Love a particular Kanji? Write it in!

Discovered a funny English idiom? Let the Diary know.

Got a favourite restaurant? Tell future students where it is and why it’s so good!

Just want to share some Lexis advice or experience? The Diary would appreciate it.



おすすめのレストランは?未来の学生さんに教えてあげてね!            それはどこですか?なんでおすすめなの?

レクシスジャパンで学習するうえでのアドバイスや経験?              きっと読んでほっとする学生がいるはずです!

The Student Diary lives at reception and is available to all students. Just make sure you add your name and date to any entry!



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