JLPT対策N2対策コース 開催決定!日本在住者限定キャンペーン!学費30%オフ!さらに入学金免除!JLPT N2 Preparation course! Special offer for on-shore students!


Lexis Japan will welcome a lot of students over summer. We are happy to announce that Lexis Japan will have JLPT N2 preparation course starting from July 21 for 8 weeks.  We are cuurenly offering 30% off of tuition fee for this course for those are already in Japan.

LexisJapan JLPT

こんな方におすすめ  This Course is perfect for you if…




*Taking N3 level test on July 5 2015 and would like to challenge N2 in the future

* Thinking about taking N2 level test in December this year and wondering what you need to do at this point

*Never been taught how to prepare for this exam

JLPT試験N2試験対策コース詳細 Course detail


Starting on 21/07/2015

開催期間:8週間 平日月~金曜日 午前9時から午後3時、一日5時間、週25時間

Course duration: 8 weeks Weekdays Monday to Friday, from 9am-3pm, 5 hours aday, 25 hours a week


During these 8 weeks everymonday is the intake day and you can start from 1 week enrolment.

学費:1週間あたり 22,400円 (通常32,000円 30%オフ)

さらに5週間以上の受講で、1週間あたり21,700円(通常31,000円 30%オフ)

入学金通常10,000円 免除!

Tuitioin fee : 22,400 yen per week (usually 32,000 yen a week, 30% off!)

21,700yen per week if you enrol 5weeks or above (usually 31,000yen, 30%off)

No Registration Fee!


Material fee : 5,000yen


Entry requirement: You need to pass the level check test . We can organise the free level check test.

上記期間外での受講もご相談ください。レベルチェックのご予約は078-331-0944 mnakata@lexisjapan.comまで

Please contact us on 078-331-0944 or email mnakata@lexisjapan.com


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