English TAP Activity Day 3 -英語TAPコースの3日目アクティビティ

LexisJapan Candle 1


We visited Kitano Kobo again to experience making & painting Japanese traditional candles! Even though Elena and Daria are taking English Teen Activity Program, let’s try something very Japanese while you are in Japan!

LexisJapan Candle 2 LexisJapan Candle 3

LexisJapan Candle 4 LexisJapan Candle 5


This is a lot harder than the way it looks! Well done, girls!

LexisJapan Candle 6


They are looking around the shops to choose a candle which was painted by professional painter so they can use as an example! Elena chose “Tsubaki ” and Daria chose “Ayame”. S

LexisJapan Candle 7 LexisJapan Candle 8


As it is OBON this week, there were so many people visiting this shop! Even though it was busy and noisy, they were so focused on working on their candles!

LexisJapan Candle 9

Now we have “Happy Elena and Happy Daria”!


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