English TAP Activity “Making GAMAGUCHI” 英語TAPコース がまぐち作り

LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 4


Yesterday we made Gamaguchi(Japanese coin case) as an activity! They said it has been long time since they did sewing last time! Let’s choose the pattern and cloth!

LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 1 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 2


Out of all the other choices, they both chose black japanese style one! Great choice girls! Let’s cut up the materials!

LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 3 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 18LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 6 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 9 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 10 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 11


In the half way through, the campus manager Mio has realised that we have been sewing completely wrong places!! Elena and Daria could not believe that they had to start all over again! They could not stop laughing too!

LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 12 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 13 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 14 LexisJapan TAP Gamaguchi 15


Look how cute they are! They look the same from outside but inside is a bit different! Please use them as a coin case!

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