Afternoon Activity, Monja Yaki! アクティビティ もんじゃ焼き! 



We went to have Monja Yaki the other day as the afternoon activity! Do you know Monja Yaki? It is like Okonomiyaki and it is something you cook on the Teppan (hot plate). Okonomiyaki is from Kansai area and Monja Yaki is actually from Kanto! Monja Yaki is more like afternoon snack rather than a meal!

We were so excited to have Monja Yaki as nobody has eaten this before!

Lexis Japan Monjya 4 Lexis Japan Monjya 3


The lady from this restaurant has shown us how to make Monja Yaki on Teppan as we did not know how to make it! First you put all the veges and meat/seafood on the Teppan and cook them while you are cutting them on the hot Teppan with your KOTE -special spatula.

Lexis Japan Monjya 8 Lexis Japan Monjya 7 Lexis Japan Monjya 6 Lexis Japan Monjya 5 Lexis Japan Monjya 2 Lexis Japan Monja 1


Each group has ordered different Monja. Some has ordered mochi(rice cake) and mentaiko (spicy fish roe) Monja, other group ordered Buta(pork) and Kimichi Monja, and another groups has ordered Potato and butter Monja & Seafood Monja. Yum!


Monja yaki is very unique food but they were so yummy! Gochisosama!

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