New Face to Lexis Japan Team, Miki!

マーケティングマネージャーとして、レクシスジャパンチームに加わりましたスタッフを紹介いたします。Let us introduce you our new face!

Lexis Japan Miki

名前:中田 未来 Miki Nakata
出身:神戸    Born in Kobe


You are RIGHT if you went “UN?!”.

Lexis Japan Twins


Yes! Campas Manager and new Marketing Manager are twins!


Hobby : I love traveling!  I have traveled many cities and countries such as Sweden, Beijing・Tian Jin・Shanghai in China, Melbourne・Gold Coast・Sunshine Coast in Australia, USA, France, Spain, Canada, Korea….etc etc
Lexis Japan Miki2Lexis Japan Miki3

Favourite Japanese Food : UDON!! Definitely UDON!! I even go to Shikoku Island just to eat Udon noodle as Shikoku is famous for delicious Udon.


Favourite Place in the world : It is a hard question! I loved feild in Inner Mongolia, Niagara Falls in Canada, and Consuegra in Spain. I love places where I can relax!

Lexis Japan Miki 4
Consuegura in Spain. This place is famous for story of Don Quijote!


Message : I have joined the Lexis Japan team as the Marketing Manager.  My major was Chinese / Japanese and I studied Chinese in Beijing, China. I have also lived in Australia for 7 years and I have been through all the problems just like all people go through while studying foreign languages.   Please let us help you to improve your English skill and we would love to support you!

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