Easy Moon-viewing Dumplings!

Have you ever heard of “Moon viewing dumplings?” This special dish  is traditionally eaten in mid-September, during “Tsukimi”, the moon viewing festival. Tsukimi dango, as they are known in Japanese, are displayed in a pyramid-like shape and are said to be very easy to make. We thought we’d put this to the test and make our own “Moon viewing dumplings…”


Step 1: Add water to rice flour and stir to make a batter-like mixture. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 1 minute.



Step 2: Add sugar and give it another good stir before heating again in the microwave which turn the mixture in to a dough. At the same time, make a separate mixture of soybean flour and sugar.


lexisjapan_dango_2 lexisjapan_dango_3

Step 3: Roll the dough in to small ball-like dumplings.



Step 4: Dip and coat the dumplings with a mixture of soybean flour and suger.



So there you have it-easy peasy Tsukimi Dango! Now it’s time to eat!!!


lexisjapan_dango_8 DSCN2784

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