Designer Show Houseでボランティアをしてきました。Volunteer at Designer Show House

B1クラスのわんぱくな3人ベンさん、オンドラさん、フィリップさんは午後の授業でDesigner Show Houseでボランティア活動をしてきました。このデザイナーショーハウスに来られるお客様はみなさん日本人の方ですので、生きた日本語を使う貴重な機会であり、難しかったですが、とても良い勉強になったと思います。

Three cheeky boys from B1 class (Ben san, Ondrej san and Philippe san) went to the Designer Show House for Volunteering this afternoon for class today.  All the customers  at Designer Show House were Japanese people, so it was a little bit hard to explain the work, however it was a good opportunity to use “Live” Japanese language.

Lexis Japan Designer show 5


Ms.Akari Koike from Shinohara Obanoyama Design explained all the works, and they listened to her explanation carefully.

Lexis Japan Designer show 1 Lexis Japan Designer show 2

Lexis Japan Designer show 6Lexis Japan Designer show 7

There were many fabulous works there, and it was difficult to explain in Japanese, but they tried their best.

You did a great job, guys!

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