JLPT 模擬試験開催決定 2015年11月7日 JLPT Practise Exam on 7th of November 2015


We will run “JLPT Practise Exam Day” in early November. This is a great opportunity for those who are taking JLPT exam in December 2015 or sometime near future. Our senior teacher who is experienced in JLPT preparation course will give you feedback and advice on how to improve your weakpoints.





費用: 500円(税込)

予約方法: レクシスジャパンに直接お電話頂くか(078-331-0944)、お名前・連絡先をEメール(info@lexisjapan.com)でご予約ください。必ず予約をしてお越しください。

締切:2015年11月5日 午後5時まで

【JLPT Practise Exam Day Information】

Date&Time : 7th of November 2015 (Saturday)
From 1pm ~around 4pm

Place : at Lexis Japan campus

Who can take this practise exam? : Those who are booked for December JLPT exam or who is thinking to take one in 2016

Fee: 500yen(Incl Tax)

Booking: Please call us on 078-331-0944 or email us to info@lexisjapan.com with your name and contact detail

Please book by 5th of November 2015, 5pm

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