Traditional Japanese Cuisine “KAISEKI RYORI” / 懐石料理初体験

Raymond who has studied at our Intensive Japanese Couse for 8 weeks experienced “Kaiseki Ryori”, a course of beautifully prepared Japanese cuisine, for the first time. He is from France, which is one of the most famous countries in the world for its delicious foods! Probably he usually has cheese/bread with wine in France but sashimi with Japanese sake suits him very much! He told us that it was the best dinner he has ever had in Japan!


Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 4

Let me show some photos of great dishes.


Entrée / 前菜4種

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 1

Soup / 吸い物

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 2

Sashimi / 刺身

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 3

Grill and fries / 焼物・揚げ物

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 5

Savoury egg custard / 茶碗蒸し

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 6

Rice meal / 食事

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 9

Dessert / デザート

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 11

We had 7 choices of rice and 3 choices of dessert!

Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 8 Lexis Japan Kaiseki Raymond 7

We hope it became a fantastic experience of the last few days of your stay in Japan!


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