先週の金曜日、Lexis Japanのクリスマスパーティ&忘年会を行いました!日本語コース、日本語Evening Class,英語コースの生徒さんたちや、英語・日本語教師、スタッフなど30人以上が集まりましたよ!

Lexis JapanのFacebookには、Studentクリスマスパーティー&忘年会の写真アルバムをもう作成しましたが、Facebookを持っていない生徒さんたちもいるのでBlogで少し紹介いたしますね♪

We had a “Christmas& Bounenkai( Japanese “end of year party”)” last Friday!
More than 30 people including Japanese course students, English course students, Japanese teachers, an English teachers and staff attended the party!

There are many photos from the party on our Facebook, but some people don’t have a Facebook account, so please let me show you some pictures!

Lexis Japan Student night 3

英語コースの乾杯♪ さすが、飲むのが大好きマーケティングマネージャーが一緒に飲みたい!と思ったメンツは違います!(笑)早々に乾杯!もちろん写真をとっている私も手には生ビール♡ 英語コースの皆さんは一般英語コース以外にも、IELTS試験対策コース、ケンブリッジ英語検定FCE対策コースを受けていらっしゃる生徒さんもいます。

“Cheers” with English course students and a teacher! English course students are very friendly and they always said that they want to drink with me “Miki the marketing manager”, and finally our dreams come true! Of course I (Miki) took this picture with a Nama Beer!

Lexis Japan Student Night 2

日本語コース組!元気いっぱいです!オーストラリアからのJessieさん、ケビンさん、アレックスさん。ブラジルのアナクララさん、スイスのデボラさんにアレクサさん! 日本語コースの白川先生、森実先生、磯見先生もいますね!みんな楽しそう♪

“Cheers” with Japanese course students and Japanese teachers! Jessie san, Kevin san and Alex san are from Australia. Ana san from Brasil. Alexa san and Deborah san are from Switzerland. I can see Isomi Sensi the senior teacher, Shirakawa sensei and Morizane Sensei!

Lexis Japan student night 4

Another ” Cheers” with Japanese course students.

Philippe san from Switzerland, Ray san from Taiwan and Ondrej san from Czech Republic.
Taniguchi sensei, Miki sensei and Mio the campus manager!

Now it’s time to “MIX”!! English course students and Japanese course students enjoyed talking to everyone!

For English course students, it’s a great opportunity to talk with international students from all over the world.
Also for Japanese course students, they were very happy to talk with English course students, because they can learn useful Japanese at Izakara Japanese Bar!

Lexis Japan Student night 5

Mio the campus manager is very friendly! That is why Lexis Japan always has a warm atmosphere!
Lexis Japan Student Night 7

♡Lexis Japan♡

ジェシーさんが、「Lexis Japan Selfie Competition」のWinner!おめでとうジェシーさん!奈良で撮った、鹿とのツーショット♡とてもかわいいです♡

Jessie san from Australia won the “Lexis Japan Selfie Competition”.
She took this selfie shot in Nara! Nara is very close from Kobe.

Lexis Japan Student Night 1

生徒の皆さん本当に楽しい時間をありがとうございます。改めて、Lexis Japanの生徒の皆さん、講師のみなさん、一緒に働くマネージャー・スタッフが大好きだと思いました!♡ みんなもとても楽しんでくれたようで良かったです!

Thank you very much everyone! We enjoyed very much.
I love you all( Japanese course students, English Course students, teachers and staff), I love working at Lexis Japan♡


When is next Student Party? I cannot wait!

Lexis Japanは日本語学校を併設する、珍しい学校です。キャンパス内に日本語コースの留学生、英語コースの日本人の生徒さんがおり、お互いに「クラスで習った英語/日本語」を話して、練習できる環境です。是非、一度遊びにきてくださいね!

You can talk to many students from all over the world at Lexis Japan. Also we have English courses as well such as Cambridge preparation course or IELTS preparation course, so there are opportunity to use Japanese which you learn in class! Everybody is very friendly, so please visit us anytime!

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