Lexis Japanの生徒さんが行く旅②、おいしいもの編

Lexis Japanの生徒さんが旅する日本シリーズの第2弾は、生徒さんが各地で食べたおいしいものをご案内します!南は沖縄から北は北海道まで、本当にたくさんの場所をそれぞれの生徒さんが旅行をします。日本人の私でも今まで訪れた県はおそらく10数県、中にはほとんどの県を旅行した強者もいますよ!

We would like to introduce Lexis Japan Student’s memories of traveling around Japan and eating various Japanese food. This  is about the “local Japanese food” that Lexis Japan Students ate from Okinawa to Hokkaido!

From the South… (南から…)

Gary san (United States)  沖縄-Okinawa-
Lexis Japan Japanese Food 3
沖縄ソーキそば Okinawa So-ki Soba noodle

When I talk about the local food in Okinawa, the “So-ki Soba” comes to mind straight away! So-ki means Pork Spareribs which are cooked for hours, so it melts in your mouth and makes the soup more tasty! I have never been to Okinawa, so I would like to try these noodles when I visit! Also there are many unique local foods in Okinawa such as sea grapes or cooked porks ear.

Nicolas san (France) 福岡-Fukuoka-

Lexis Japan Japanese food

Hakata/Fukuoka is very famous for Tonkotsu(pork bone flavour) style Ramen noodles and there are many “restaurant carts” in the Nakasu and Tenjin area. The thick and rich soup goes along with the thin noodles! Also, it is a great experience to enjoy the atmosphere of eating outside!

Wen Chiao(Hong Kong) 大阪 -Osaka-

Lexis JapanJapanese food 7

ウェンチャオさんは大阪名物「たこ焼き」をホームステイ先で作りました! 関西の人はよくこういいます「関西人やったら絶対たこ焼き作れる!しかも絶対にたこ焼き器がある!」。もちろん私の家にもありますし、たこ焼き作りも”めっちゃ”上手ですよ! 大阪にはたこ焼き以外にも大阪B級グルメ「串カツ」がありますね!今週アナさんが私がオススメした大阪・新世界に行っていましたよー!

Wen Chiao san made “Takoyaki-Japanese style octopus balls” with her host family! We Kansai( West-Japan) people always say “if you are from the Kansai area, you can make/roll Takoyaki easily, also you have a Takoyaki maker at home”. Yes, this is true! I can make Takoyaki perfectly, also I have a Takoyaki maker at home:)

Jessie san( Australia) 京都・嵐山 -Kyoto Arashiyama-


This café looks like “KYOTO”! This café is called eX café and the Matcha roll is very famous. It looks beautiful and very artistic.

Ana Clara san ( Brasil) 京都・金閣寺 -Kyoto Kinkakuji-

Lexis Japan Japanese food 8

京都はとても人気ですね!Lexis Japanから京都までは1時間以内に電車で行けるため、日帰りですぐにいけます。アナクララさんが、金閣寺内のお茶屋さん入れたての抹茶と金箔の載った繊細なお菓子を食べました!「本当にきれいでした!そしておいしかった!」と笑顔で答えてくれました!

Kyoto is the most popular place to visit! You can go there for a one day trip and it doesn’t take even 1 hour from Lexis Japan! Ana Clara san tried a bowl of Matcha Japanese tea and a very delicate Japanese tea sweet with gold flakes. She told me “It was very beautiful and delicious as well!!” with a big smile.

Lexis Japanの生徒さんが撮ったおいしいものの写真はまだまだあります!でも、今日はここまで…続く…
There are many great photos which Lexis Japan students took, but that’s it for today… to be continued…

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