Lexis Japanへ留学 Olivierさんの場合

2週間Lexis Japanで日本語を学び、金曜日にLexis Japanを卒業されたフランス・マルセイユからのオリビエさん。
オリビエさんは4週間のホリデーをとり、2週間はLexis Japanで日本語を学び、2週間日本を旅行する計画で神戸へ来られました。
Lexis Japanを卒業されたあと、昨日は世界文化遺産である「姫路城」へ行かれ、今日は宝塚歌劇団を見学したあと、今夜京都へ行かれるそうです!
彼の言葉を拝借すれば「I totally love Japan♡」、日本を堪能していらっしゃり、彼のFacebookを見ていると私まで旅行に行ったような気分になりシアワセです!
そんなオリビエさんからLexis Japanへとても素敵なメッセージを頂きましたので、ご紹介します。

Olivier san form Marseille France graduated from Lexis Japan last Friday.
He took 4 weeks holiday and came to Japan. He studied Japanese at Lexis Japan for 2 weeks, and he is travelling around Japan for 2 weeks now.
He told us that he visited the Himeji Castle which is one of the world heritage, and he is going to the Takarazuka theatre today, and visiting Kyoto tonight! He is enjoying travelling around Japanese, especially Kansai Area!!
He told us that “He is totally in love with Japan!”. Every  time we see his blog and pictures on his Facebook, we feel happy because he is enjoying his time in Japan a lots!
Lexis Japan got a nice message from Olivier san, so please let us introduce his message to you!

Lexis Japan Olivier Testimonial

“I stayed at 2 weeks at Lexis Japan and could complete the 1st level of Japanese, which is really good and due to the motivation of the teachers and a very good method of teaching.

Besides, I stayed in a host family who was more than friendly and cheerful.

The whole program was really good value for money and if I’d have to come back, I definitely choose Lexis Japan again!

ありがとうございます!!♡  オリビエ”



Lexis Japanのプログラムは受講するに値し、もし日本に戻ることがあるなら絶対にLexis Japanに戻ってきます!”


Lexis Japan Olivier san 4Leixs Japan Olivier san 3Lexis Japan Olivier san 1Lexis Japan Olivier san 2


絶対にまた日本に、そしてLexis Japanへ帰ってきてくださいね!次にお会いできるのを楽しみに待っていますよ!

2 weeks was not that long time, but we made a lot of lovely memories together! You enjoyed singing at Karaoke as well! ( I cannot believe that was your first experience of singing at Karaoke in your life because you sang very well!! A big “WOW!!” for you!! Hooray! )

Please come back to Japan and Lexis Japan some day soon! We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Thank you very much, Olivier san!! We will miss you a lot!

“旧居留地で留学”。海外留学の環境で英語を学び、留学生とキャンパス内で国際交流できるキャンパスです。詳しくは、http://www.lexisenglish.co.jp またはinfo@lexisjapan.comまでお気軽にお問い合わせください。


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