Lexis Japanから15分、須磨!Suma in Kobe city

Lexis Japanは神戸・旧居留地の一等地にキャンパスを構える語学スクール!レッスン前に大丸でお買い物、レッスン後には神戸の素敵なバルで一杯飲むなんてことはいつでもできること!


Lexis Japan is located in the Kobe “Kyukyoryuchi”area (the former foreign district). There are many shops, cafes and bars in Kobe city, so you will enjoy your time here!

You can not only explore Kobe city, but you can also visit Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Himeji on weekends. But do you know there is also a nice area called “Suma”, which is only a 15 minute train ride from Lexis Japan?

Lexis Japan Suma 3

Suma Beach.

From Suma beach, you can see Awaji Island and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (the world’s longest suspension bridge). Many people come to swim at Suma beach during Summer. There are also some beach parties in Summer.



Lexis Japan suma 5

Suma Rikyu Park. 須磨離宮公園ウェブサイト
Suma Rikyu Park is famous for its flowers. You can see various flowers there and it makes you very relaxed. At the moment ( February 2016) you can see plums and camellias there.

Lexis Japan Suma 4

Suma Ura Park  須磨浦公園

Suma Ura Park is famous for “Hanami”. YES, Hanami season is coming soon!! Everybody in Japan longs for cherry blossoms in full bloom! “Hanami” is going  to see cherry blossoms and to enjoy quality time with family and friends. You bring Bento boxes and drinks. It’s the favourite time for Japanese people!

We’re thinking to go to Hanami with Lexis Japan students ( English course and Japanese course combined), so we may visit Suma Ura Park!

今年はLexis Japanの英語コース・日本語コースの生徒様合同で「お花見」に出かけたいと考えています。詳細はまた追ってお知らせしますが、もしかしたらこの須磨浦公園に来るかもですね!

Lexis Japan Suma1

Lexis Japan Suma 2 Suma Kaihin Aquarium


This Illumination is on until the end of this month.
And yet there is another unique event, called “Kotatsu de Sakana Kansho” ,which means “you can enjoy the aquarium while enjoying the Kotatsu, the  Japanese Heater table”. This event is on until 23rd of February.
It was sleeting in Kobe yesterday, so it’s a good idea to visit the Suma Kaihin Aquarium because you can enjoy seeing ocean life and warm up at the same time!!

須磨には他にもハイキングで有名な「須磨アルプス」や魚釣りが楽しめる須磨・平磯海づり公園などの魅力がたくさん!生徒のみなさんはいつでもLexis Japanの受付スタッフに聞いてくださいね!

There are some parks which you can enjoy  hiking through such as “Suma Alps” or Suma Hiraiso Marine fishing park !Please feel free to ask Lexis Japan Reception staff if you have any question about Suma!

“旧居留地で留学”。海外留学の環境で英語を学び、留学生とキャンパス内で国際交流できるキャンパスです。詳しくは、http://www.lexisenglish.co.jp またはinfo@lexisjapan.comまでお気軽にお問い合わせください。


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