Teen Activity Program 2016 イングリッシュサマースクール2016




またレクシスジャパンでは、イングリッシュサマースクールと同時期に、全世界の中高生対象の日本語サマースクールを開講します。(Teen Activity Programという名前です)一つの教室では、日本人中高生が英語を学び、隣の教室では各国の中高生が日本語を学ぶという、他にはないユニークな語学学校がレクシスジャパンです。キャンパス内が海外留学環境です。










上記のビデオは、去年この日本語サマースクール(Teen Activity Program)に参加してくれたAliceさんとMichelleさんのインタビューです。Michelleさんは今年の夏もレクシスジャパンに戻ってきてくれます。


Japanese Teen Activity Program (TAP)

Would you like to experience the best summer in Kobe, Japan this year?
Do you like Anime? Do you like comics? Are you into games? Are you in love with Japanese language and Japanese culture?

Lexis Japan is accepting the enrolments for Teen Activity Program for this summer. This program is for 13-17 years old and it will be life-changing wonderful experience for you.

Lexis Kobe is located in the centre of Kobe. Kobe is located in the west of Japan and it is the 5th biggest city in Japan by population.  Kobe is a very unique city where modern skyscrapers and traditional builings co-exist.  It takes only 30 minutes by bus from the Kobe Port to the Rokko mountains! There are beaches, shopping malls by the sea, cable cars which goes up on the mountain, beautiful night view from the hill in Maya, the world longest suspension bridge, only 1 hour to beautiful Kyoto, etc! Long list to recomend why Kobe is the good city to stay!

This program will give you the best opportunity to improve your Japaese skill and experience the Japanese culture! Lexis Japan will be running the English summer school for local Japanese students at the same time as Teen Activity Program. This means that you will have opportunity to interact with local Japanese people who are around same as you!  Please let us inform you for more details later this month!

In a meantime, the video on the top of this blog is the interview video from last year TAP students! They’ve got funny experiences!




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