Hanko Making 消しゴムハンコ作り


Today’s afternoon activity was “Hanko Making”(Hanko= name stamp)  All the students were very excited to make their own name Hanko as they do not have Hanko culture in their countries.


Jessica san who is a Japanese teacher at a primaly school in Australia made “Riley Sensei” stamp! Please use this in your class when you go back!


Volker san from A1 level and Sacha from A2 who is levelig up B1 made Senryu in Tuesday activity. They stamped on their Senryu and posed for photos! Well done!

Lexis Japan Hanko making 9

Volker : “Nihongo wa     Muzukashiikedo    Tanoshiiyo”

Learning Japanese is difficult but fun!

Lexis Japan Hanko making 10

Sacha : “Ainiwa ne   Heart dakeshika    Hitsuyou nashi”

All you need for love is your heart!

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