Think,Talk, Trivia Part2@Lexis Japan MeetUp

Lexis Japanでは毎月第4金曜日に、国際交流イベントMeet Up@Lexis Japanを開催しております。第8回Meet Upイベントは4月18日(金)に”Think, Talk, Trivia Part2@Lexis Japan”と題して開催されました!25名を超える方が参加してくださいました。

We have Meet Up events at Lexis Japan on the 4th Friday of every month.
The 8th Meet up event “Think, Talk, Trivia Part2@Lexis Japan” was held on Friday the 18th of April. More than 25 people took part in the event, thank you very much everyone for coming!

We had some  “chat time” before the Trivia quiz started. Many local students from English course attended as well.

懐かしい人もサプライズで参加!2015年9月までLexis Japanで日本語を勉強していたベンジャミンさんです!
And we had a happy “Suprise!” Benjamin san from USA who studied with us till September 2015 came in as well! We were so happy to see him again at Lexis Japan!

Triviaナイトは、前回に引き続きNew Zealand出身のマイケルとマーケティング担当のMikiがホストです!
The hosts of Trivia night were Michael sensei from New Zealandand Miki the marketing manager.

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日本、台湾、マレーシア、スイス、ドイツ、スウェーデン、フランス、アメリカ、トルメクスタン…”小さな世界”がLexis Japanにできたようでした!
Lexis Japan is a small world, because there are various nationalities such as Japanese, Taiwanese, Maraysian, German, Swedish, French,American, Turkmen and etc etc.


There were 10 Japanese questions and 10 English questions.
The rules of Trivia night@Lexis Japan  was very simple! International students gave clues in Japanese to Japanese people when they had questions in English, and Japanese people gave clues in English to the international studrnts when they had questions in Japanese! This was a great oppotunity to practice English and Japanese!


The winner was “Team Space Unicorn”!! Well done guys!!

Leixs Japan Meet Up 1

とても有意義なMeet Upとなりましたね!次回のMeet Upは5月27日を予定しております。今回残念ながら時間の都合で参加できないとご連絡いただいた方が何人もいらっしゃいました!次回は是非ともご参加くださいね。お待ちしております。

International students had great fun with local Japanese people at the Lexis Japan Trivia night and also it was also a wonderful opportunity to learn new  useful Japanese and English words and idioms in a fun enviroment!
We will have the next Meet up event on the 27th of May!
Everyone, please join us!!

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