2月に留学に出発した Emikoさんですが、Lexis Noosaで2か月の留学後、もともと予定していた休暇をとり日本に戻ってこられました。短い日本一時帰国中に、レクシスジャパンにも顔を出してくれました。留学出発後から彼女の2か月を写真とともに見てみましょう。

Emiko who has left in February for Australia came back for short time and she visited Lexis Japan. She has been sending her photos to Lexis Japan often and let’s see what she has been experiencing in Noosa, Australia.

Lexis Japan Emiko at Lexis Noosa Day One

Lexis Japan Emiko at Lexis Noosa Day one 2


These phots are from her Day 1 at Lexis Noosa. During her study at Lexis Japan, she was at Elementary level. She has improved a lot and she has started in Pre-Intermediate level at Lexis Noosa.


Emiko has sent these colourful photos to us in February when it was freezing cold in Kobe. She made us all jealous!

Lexis Japan + Lexis Noosa

Lexis Japan Lexis Noosa classroom 1


Very good nationality mix in her class at Lexis Noosa! The class celebrated Emiko’s birthday with cake!

Lexis Japan Emikos homestay 5


Emiko is staying with her host family. Originally she has booked for 4 weeks of homestay. “I really love my host family and they are all nice! I deceided to stay longer with them” said Emiko with big smiles!


From Lexis Noosa to the beach, it is only 10 mins walk! After learning English in the class, she often walks to the beach with her friends! What a lovely time she is speing there!


Before departure, Emiko took some private lessons at Lexis Japan and she learnt “how to write good resume” ,”how to seek for position” and”how to apply for jobs” .  As she planned and prepared very well before departure she has started her job there not long after she arrived in Noosa!


On one day in the afternoon activity, she has made masks and wore at the student nights! Emiko says that Noosa is a perfect town for international students. She says that even though it is a small town, there are heaps of places to visit like beaches, national parks, or cute little shops along the beach and heaps of things to do. She often bump into somebody she knows on the street and it is very friendly place.

Lexis Japan Emiko is Back


Emiko was back in Japan for short time to attend her best friend’s wedding. She is back in Noosa by now and started the new level “Intermediate” classes!  We are very proud of you!



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