Lexis Japan修了者Seikai君のその後を密着レポート!

Lexis Japanで一般英語コースと、海外出発直前コースを修了し、4月1日にメルボルンへ9カ月の語学留学に出かけたSeikai君とメルボルンで再会しました。(以前のSeikai君のブログはこちらからどうぞ

Miki the marketing manager at Lexis Japan visited Melbourne druing Golden Week, and visited Seikai who took private lessons at Lexis Japan to prepare for his study in Australia and left for Melbourne on the 1st of April 2016.

Lexis Japan Seikai kun 2

まだメルボルンでカフェには訪れていないとのことだったので、Seikai君の通う語学スクールから徒歩3分、メルボルンでも有名なカフェManchester Pressで近況のキャッチアップをすることになりました。

I was so happy to see him in Melbourne! He told me that he hasn’t had a chance to visit a cafe( Melbourne is famous for good cafes), so we decided to go to have a wonderful coffee at the one of the most popular cafes in Melbourne, which is called Manchester Press.

Lexis Japan Seikai kun 21

Lexis Japan Seikai Kun 22

1か月ステイしたホームステイがおわり、自分でシェアハウスを調べて、Own Roomの素敵なシェアハウスに移動していました。もう少ししたらアルバイトを探しだすとのことだったので、メルボルンの留学生活を満喫しているようですね!留学出発前に留学準備のためのプライベートレッスンを受け、しっかりと準備したから、順調に留学生活を送れているようです。大きく成長して帰ってきてね!

He stayed with a host family in Yaraville,and he just started shared housing in North Fitzroy which is a very lovely area. And now he is planning to do some part-time job as well. We are very glad that he prepared very well before he left by taking those private lessons before departure at Lexis Japan.  He is enjoying his “new” life in Melbourne! I am so excited to see him next year!


He is very lucky to get an oppotunity to study English such a lovely city as Melbourne!


At Lexis Japan, some students have got plans to study abroad in near future. A student who is leaving in July for Sydney Australia, another student is leaving for Adelaide Australia in October, another student who is leaving for Switzlerland in September, and new student who is planning to study in UK sometime next year etc…. Not only these students who have plans to study abroad but also those who would love to improve their English skills just for fun or for possible future wor or those who came back from oversea but want to keep studying are taking English classes at Lexis Japan. The feedback for the teachers have been great and we have a lot of events where you can enjoy and share the time with international students who are taking Japanese Course at Lexis Japan. Lexis Japan is one of very special schools where local students and international students share the campus! For those who work during daytime, we have Japanese evening lessons / private lessons as well. Please contact us for further information!


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