Saying good bye + Welcoming new students!

Lexis Japan 15072016 Finishers


On last Friday, we had 7 students graduating from Lexis Japan. Very sad but glad to know that they all had a great time here! Viktor from Swede, Gabriel from France, Therese and Shems from Switzerland, Arjun from Thailand/USA completed 2 weeks of Intensive Japanese Course, Rebecca from Germany for 3 weeks and Fabienne from Switzerland for 4 weeks!

Lexis Japan 19072016 Starters


We welcomed 6 students this week! From the left, Diogo from Switzerland, Ya-chien from Taiwan, Michelle from Switzerland, Joyce from Germany, Tori from Australia and Bora from Turkey! Welcome everybody! Ya-Chien and Michelle studied at Lexis Japan in 2015 summer and they are back again!

Lexis Japan 19072016 Starters 2

Lexis Japan 19072016 Starters 3


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