2016 Teen Activity Program Josei Gaken& Osaka Castle

2016 Teen Activity Program 5日目は大阪にある城星学園と大阪城にいってきました。日本の高校に訪れる良いチャンス!今回お会いした19名の高校生は7月末よりLexis Noosaキャンパスへ2週間短期留学される生徒さんで楽しく交流してきました。

2016 Japanese Teen Activity Program vistited Josei High school and the Osaka castle as Day 5 Activity. 19 Josei girls are going to Lexis Noosa for 2 weeks at the end of July!


We had a nice lunch time with Josei girls who are very gentle and cute! During the lunch break, we had a nice chat in Japanese and English. Josei girls asked Daniel,Thibault and Romain many questions in Japanese and English, it was a great oppotunity for them and Josei girls to practice Japanese and English!

“We are already good friends!!”

城星学園の生徒さんたちがLexis Noosaで行うプレゼンテーションを見た後は、茶道教室にご招待いただきました!ありがとうございます。3人はまず正座が1分間もできなくて、うずうずしていてとても面白かったです。優しいお茶のお師匠さんが「あぐらでいいわよ!」と、助かったね!

After Josei girls showed us the presentation with Powerpoint, which they are going to do at Lexis Noosa in front of hudreds of students there, we were invited to the tea celemony class! Thank you very much for the great oppotunity to experience one of greatest Japanese culture. However, they couldn’t sit “Japanese Seiza” style even for a minute! The “Japanese Tea” master with a lovely Kimono told them that they didn’t have to sit in Seiza style, PHEW!
Everyone tried Japanese matcha with Japanese style. How was it? Mmmm, Daniel kun figured out it was a little bit bitter for him?

Lexis Japan - Josei  Gakuen HS & Osaka Castel 19

After we said good bye to Josei Girls and teachers, we visited the Osaka Castle. Thank you very much for the fun time with you!

Thibault kun took many photos!


The brothers who love Shinsen-gumi and Samurai tried “Kabuto the Samurai Helmet” on!
Romain kun’s choice was the Deer Horn helmet from one of the most famous Samurai Yukimura Sanada, and Thibault’s choice was the Water Baffalo Horn helmet from Matabei Goto. They looked very cool with those helmets and Samurai swords.

Lexis Japan - Josei  Gakuen HS & Osaka Castel 45

It was very nice to visit one of the most famous castles in Japan! and also…

Lexis Japan - Josei  Gakuen HS & Osaka Castel 53

We enjoyed the ice cream afterwoods, of course! This “Matcha” ice cream tastes better than the real Matcha tea, Daniel Kun?

summer school image pics test 7

いよいよ7月25日からEnglish Summer Schoolが始まります。同じ世代の留学生と交流ができる語学学校ならではのコースです!まだ間に合いますので、ぜひご連絡くださいね!(TEL:078-331-0944078-331-0944) The English summer school is starting from July 25! It is the chance to see the students in your age from all over the world!

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