Japanese Plus 「文法クラス」の実践! Japanese Plus “Grammar Class” got out of classroom!

先日の写真ですが、Japanese Plusクラスで文法「~てください」を学びました。一通り教室で学んだあとは、外に出かけます!

On the other week, Japanese Plus “grammar class” A2 group went out of the classroom to practise the grammar of the day “~ te kudasai / please do~”.

Lexis Japan Giving direction in Japanese 3


Students were given the assignment to go to the certain shop, like pharmacy. The student give directions in Japanese “please go straight. Please turn left. Please cross the street”. It is good listening practice for the students who are listening for the instructions.

言語は実際に使ってみることでより効果的に身に付きますよね!みなさん、習った日本語は、実生活でも使ってくださいね! You acquire the language more easily if you actually use it, rather than learning by books. Japanese plus is the effective way to learn Japanese!


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