2016 Teen Activity Program Week2-Day 6 Calligraphy “書道教室”

2016 Teen Activity Programも2週目!第6日目のアクティビティは、Lexis Japanでいつも書道教室を開いてくださる希虹先生(雅号)こと、英語コースに通われている宇城さんによる書道教室でした!みんな書道は初めてのようです!書道は重要な日本文化の一つです。

2016 Japanese Teen Activity Program attended a Calligraphy class as their Day 6 activity. Kikoh sensei who holds calligraphy classes once a month did a special lesson for Teen Activity Program students! This was the first time for them to try Calligraphy. It was a nice oppotunity to try it, as calligraphy is one of the most important features of  Japanese culture!

There were many new words and basics of calligrapy! Kikoh sensei taught them step by step.

“Okay, let’s start from getting used to writing with a calligraphy brush!”

”And then, let’s practice Calligraphy basics such as pull-out strokes!”
It was very difficult to practice those basics, but everyone tried very hard!

Lexis Japan TAP Calligraphy 12

(150周年まであと162日! 2016年7月23日現在)。この「港」という文字と自分の名前を日本の夏らしいうちわに書き、素敵なうちわを作るのが今日の目標です。
And then, we pracitced the word “港”, which means harbour in Japanese. Kobe harbour’s 150th year anniversary is coming soon! We are making a Japanese paper fan with the “港” word!

Well done, guys! Japanese Origami looks great on your fan!

Lexis Japan TAP Calligraphy 18

“港” fans with the Kobe Harbour view! We had a great time!

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