Saying good bye to beautiful students…. 悲しいさようなら。。。

Lexis Japanでは学生も先生も、スタッフもみんなとても仲良しです。卒業者がいるときはみんなさみしい気持ちになりますが、だからこそ「また来年ね!!」と笑顔でお別れをします。

At Lexis Japan, all the students/ teachers and staff are very close to each other. When we have graduating students on Friday, we feel sad…. but we always say good bye with smiles and say “see you next year!”

Lexis Japan 21072016 Finishers


On last friday, we had 6 students graduating from Lexis Japan. From the left in the photo, Pim  (Thailand), Lydia (from Spain, professional volleyball player!!), Anna-Miyako(Switzerland), Eylul (Turkey), Philip (Austria), and Gunnar (Sweden).

We will miss you but see you next summer!


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