Teen Activity Program 阪神タイガースゲーム観戦

Lexis Japan Hanshin Tigers TAP 7



Last week, Japanese Teen Activity Program + English Course studnet who is teen, Rintaro went to watch the Hanshin Tigers vs Yomiuri Giants baseball game!

“I don’t know any rules of baseballs!” Valeriya said, but she seceretly brough Hanshin Tigers towel / scarf.

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水曜日の夕方ですが、ほぼ満員です!周りには熱狂的な阪神ファンがいて、「かっ飛ばせーーっていうんや、にいちゃん!」と関西弁で日本語/野球のことを教えてくれましたよ。Even though the game was on the Wednesday night, the stadium was almost full! A lot of Hanshin Tigers Fans were sitting near us and taught the international students how to cheer the team, Kattobase~!


Thibault brough his own globes all the way from France and he was very excited!

英語コースのRintaroくんは、元野球少年ですので、英語と日本語を混ぜてしっかりと周りの留学生とお話しができました。とってもいい経験になりましたね! Rintaro has been playing the baseball for years! He has good opportunity to talk with international students about his favourite sports both in Japanese and English!

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In the 7th innings, Hanshin fans release the balloons! It was such a fun and amazing time even though that went too quickly!! Everybody was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling! This is one of the best way to enjoy the summer night in the Kansai area!




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