English Summer School 2週目スタート!

今日からENGLISH Summer Schoolの2週目がスタートして、新しい生徒さん2人増えました!
二人目はケンブリッジ英語検定試験PET対策に通ってくれているTian Qiくん。
Tian Qiくんは中国からお母さまの仕事の関係で日本に来て数か月、日本語は話さないのでMinaちゃんやKohaneちゃんは英語でコミュニケーションをとります!よい練習になりますね!クラスメートに外国人がいるとは、本当に「神戸にいながら海外留学」の経験ですね!

The second week of English summer school has started today, and we welcomed 2 new students for this course!
Mina chan is actully studying in the General English class every week, and Tian Qi kun is also taking the Cambridge exam PET preparation course at Lexis Japan.

Tian Qi kun moved to Japan a couple months ago due to his mother’s job, so he doesn’t speak Japanese. Therefore Mina chan and Kohane chan need to talk to him in English, which is  great practice for them! This is really like a “Studying abroad” enviroment because their classmate is actually from a foreign county!
Lexis Japan English Summer school 8
Tian Qi kun is vey shy, so he is not in this photo!

“Excuse me, can I ask you questions? What is your name? What is your surname?
How do you spell it??”とたくさんインタビューしていました!

Actually, we didn’t have after-class activity today, but when I suggested “Let’s ask a lot of questions to international students  and practie your English”, they answered ” WE WILL!!”. It is a very good attitude for leaning and practicing English!! Well done, guys!!

Teen Activity Programのバレリアさん(ロシア)やサラさん(チェコ)、スイスからのアルバンさん、ニックさんにもインタビュー!もちろんリディア先生もです!
What is your nameから始まり、趣味や、週末よくすること、好きな食べ物、自分を表す3つの形容詞などを聞きましたね!

They interviewd Valeriya(Russia)san, Sara(Czech republic)san, Alban san and Nik san( Switzerland). Also of course, Lydia sensei! We asked a lot of questions!

Kohane, Mina and Tian Qi asked 7 people each. After they finished the interveiew, Miki the marketing manager asked them the answers! Some of the words have very difficult spelling such as “Sightseeing” or “Swizterland”, but they could ask “How do you spell it?”  because they learned this sentence this morning! WELL DONE!!!

たくさん練習しましたね!がんばりました!そしてスタッフのMikiから宿題がでました!明日Teen Activity Programの留学生とお好み焼きを食べに行くので(しかも自分たちで作ります!)お好み焼き屋さんで使える英単語をしらべてくること!明日、留学生にお好み焼きの作り方を教えてあげようね!がんばりましょう!

We practiced a lot, and they got homework from Miki!
Miki’s homework is to check “Usefull words at Okonomiyaki Restaurants” in English! Becuase we are going to go to an Okonomiyaki restaurant and Anime street in Nagata tomorrow with the international students who are taking the Teen Activity program!
Let’s teach how to make Okonomiyaki to the international students in English tomorrow!!

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