Okonomiyaki Making Activity! TAP & ESS course

昨日は、TAP(Teen Activity Program)とESS(ENGLISH Summer School)の学生7人合同で「ぼっかけ」で有名な神戸市長田区の「お好み道場」にお邪魔しました!
7 teenagers from TAP & ESS visited “Okonomi Dojo” in the Nagata area, whcih is famous for great Japanese Pancakes, Okonomiyaki. We could do “Cook-your-own Okonomiyaki” in this restaurant!
Lexis Japan Nagata 1
It was a very hot day, so Valeriya and Sara said “No Photo, too sweaty!”. Yes, I totally understand, I was like that when I was a teenager!
Lexis Japan Nagata 2
女の子仲良しテーブル!(Team “Girls”)
ESSのKohaneちゃんとMinaちゃんが、ちゃんとサラちゃんとバレリアちゃんに説明してあげています!「シェアの文化はあまりないんだよー!」と前の日に私が言うと、Shall we share Okonomiyaki?とLydia先生から「シェアしようよ!」と丁寧に聞く言い方を習っていました!そうですね!日本ではいろいろ頼んでシェアするのが仲良しの証拠ですもんね!
Kohane & Mina from the English Summer School explained and suggested what they should eat from the menu! I told them, “People don’t share much, in many foreign countries they usually order their own food”. However, Kohane and Mina wanted to share with the international students, so they asked Lydia Sensei how to ask the international students to share food!

We often share plates with good friends!

Lexis Japan Nagata 3
Team “Boys”. When we put lard on the hot plate, a lot of smoke came out, that’s why they are smiling!


Team girls ordered Okonomiyaki with Cheese, Omelet Noodle and seafood Okonomiyaki. Kohane & Mina are very good at making Okonomiyaki because they are from the Kanasai area. (One tip, Kanasai people are famous for being good Okonomiyaki makers!). Sara and Valeriya are clapping thier hands because Kohane turned over the pancakes perfectly.

Team “Boys” chose Hiroshimayaki, which is a Japanese pancake with Noodles and fried egg! They were very hungry! However, there are a lot of steps to make Hiroshimayaki, so the kind staff showed how to cook it! Roma was very impressed by the skills used to make it!

Lexis Japan Nagata 10

This was the first time for Romain and Thibault to eat Hiroshimayaki and they said “It’s delcious, but it’s hot!! It is hot, but it is DELICIOUS!” Yes, it is!!

After the great lunch, we visited the famous statue “Tesujin 28-go”. It is a huge one! Sara took this picture for us. Thank you very much, Sara!
It was a hot day, but it was a “Delicious and Lovely” afternoon!

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