Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Tarumi Outlet Shopping Mall! TAP & ESS course

寂しいことにもうすぐTAP(Teen Activity Program)もESS(English Summer School)も終わりを迎えます。水曜日は、明石海峡大橋と垂水の三井アウトレットパークマリンピア神戸を訪れました!
It is very sad, but the TAP and ESS course is finishing this Friday…
We visited the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Tarumi Outlet shopping mall.

Lexis Japanがある元町とは温度が違います!ビーチのそばで心地よい風がふくエリアですよ。
The Maiko area is actually cooler than the Motomachi area where Lexis Japan is!
The breeze from the sea is very nice.
Lexis Japan Akashi  Bridge 15

Akashi kaikyo Bridge is the world’s longest suspension bridge, at 1991m long.

And guess what? We can walk under the bridge, and you can see beautiful scenery from there. Do you remember the beach from the first photo? We actually walked there after visiting this museum!


OOPS!! A glass floor!!! People who have acrophobia cannot walk here!! Too high and too scary!

Lexis Japan Akashi  Bridge 6

すっかり仲良しさんのKohaneちゃんとMinaちゃん。ENGLISH Summer Schoolを通して女の子同士バレリアさんとサラさんとも仲良くなり4人のLINEグループまであるそうです!素敵な出会いですね!
Kohane and Mina from ESS are really good friends now. Also, they have a LINE (an application, like Viber or Whatsapp) group with Valeriya and Sara from TAP! 4 of them took “Purikura” yesterday after the activity. There is a lot of Purikura sharing and many photos are being shared in the LINE group! I want to join it! Girls, I am not a teenager at all, but could I please join in??

Lexis Japan Akashi  Bridge 17

We walked along the beach with a great view of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. It was a hot day, so many people were enjoying swimming there!

暑いけどティーンのみんなはとても元気です!アウトレットモールでは、SaraさんがMICHAEL KORSのカバンを半額以下で購入!とっても喜んでくれてうれしいです!
Teenagers have a lot of energy! They were totally fine after a long walk!
Sara was very happy because she could get a very cute pink MICHAEL KORS handbag for less than half price! What a great deal! I am so happy if our students are happy!

Lexis Japan students sometimes call me “Paparazzi” with LOVE, and today I got a “Pay back” from Sara and Valeriya!! (The 2 on the top were taken by Sara, and the 2 on the bottom were taken by Valeriya) Well done, guys!! I can see every single wrinkle under my eyes!

It was great fun to visit the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Tarumi Outlet shopping mall with you all! Thank you very much!

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