Kobe Animal Kingdom ~Teen Acitivity Program & English Summer School 2016

先週の金曜日で修了したTeen Activity Program(TAP)とENGLISH Summer School(ESS)ですが、まだご紹介していなかったアクティビティがありますのでご紹介しますね!神戸で地元の人にもとても人気のある「神戸どうぶつ王国」です。普通の動物園とちがい、たくさんの動物と触れ合える、そして間近で見ることができる施設です。

We visit the Kobe Animal kingdom last week. This place is very special where you can see a lot of animals walking around just next to you!
Bora who completed 4 weeks of Intensive Japanese Course just the other day purchased annual pass to the Kobe Animal Kingdome and he visited there every day! This place is the lovely place to visit if you love animals and flowers!


Also this place is know as a beautiful flower spot. You can see various beautiful flowers throughout  year.

They enjoyed feeding ducks and swans…

It is very interesting all animals are walking around everywhere in this park. There is no cage, so there is no bordar between animals and people, which is very nice.
Also there are some shows such as “Eagles show” or “Sheep Dogs Show”. And my recommendation is to experience “Doctor fish”. This small fish will eat your old skin when you put your feet into the water. It is a little bit ticklish and have a strange feeling when those fish poke your feet, but it worths to try!


Girls and boys, it was a great oppotunity to make friends of animals! We are sure that you all get closer as well through this experience.

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